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Toilet training for slaves.

Last day, i met very smart toilet, he can swallow “anything all of me”. Of course, this is all due to my perfect training and his intense worship for me. During this session, I taught him how to behave and communicate with me as my slave. To put it differently, this is a training to let you teach you are a just my “property.” You don’t have the right to choose what you do or say. I command you everything. All you have to do is follow my orders. Is it very simple, isn’t it?
I ordered him to greet me. He called me “Mistress” in a low voice.
…That’s all? You have more to say. Ask me what you want me to do! Of course, I know everything you want. Even so, you would be very hesitant to look me in the eye and ask me to use own body as a toilet, right?
I tied him up with ropes and put him on his back on the floor. You never move! A device was attached to his mouth to force him to open his mouth. It’s like his mouth is a drain.
Your eyes ware closed completely. You never know when something will fall into your mouth! This fear is your happiness, right? My gold is the best gift. Swallow it all and fill your body with my gold!

This session is first time for us, but we could enjoy a lot! Thank you so much, my smart toilet;)